Black Jack and Math

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The game of blackjack is all about numbers and math. Looking back, I have always thought it was about luck but the more I read about it and the more I play the game I have come to realize the game is all about probability and math and this is even more obvious the more I play blackjack. In order to win at blackjack regularly, it’s not enough to know the rules but we also need to have some idea of strategy. And almost all strategies employed in the game have a strong connection with math.

The Basics


For us to understand clearly how math and blackjack go together, we must look at the strategies involved in the game. Many individual especially the professional players, mathematicians, and some researchers have put it numerous time and effort in trying to decipher blackjack strategies that could tip the game’s favor towards themselves. One basic strategy and a very common one is card counting. This has emerged back in the 1950s which caused a lot of problems to cousins. They went so far as to employ spotters for card counters and those caught are kicked out and banned from the casinos. Card counting is based on three key factors that influence the game: the dealer’s card that is showing, and the two initial cards we are dealt with.

Math and Card Counting

Both the math involved in blackjack and card counting has a very clear connection if we want to win the game. Card counting is not some mere strategy that curious players can learn overnight, it takes skill. Since the game is to be as inconspicuous as possible, all counting and solutions have to be in our head so having a good head for numbers comes very handy. Back in the day, many players figured out a way how card counting can increase their odds of beating the dealer. But card counting is not the sole reason why people win at the game. The numerous subtleties of the game help too and paying close attention to their relationship with the card we are dealt with, the dealer’s card, and the ratio of our bets. They are all interrelated in a complex way to win us the hand.


Among the entire math concept related to the game blackjack, this is weighted more heavily. As I mentioned before, blackjack or any card game for that matter is all about probability and variance explains it well. The term is used to describe the difference between the actual results we get and the expected advantage. To put it in another view, if we have been playing a game for which our expected advantage is to accumulate $20 dollars an hour and we plan to play for 100 hours, we expect to get $2000. But if when we looked at our records, we have actually just accumulated $1500 which means we are $500 below our expectation. This is the variance and it could also flip the other way and go over our EV.