Day Off Playing Video Games

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Some of my most memorable moments growing up have been playing video games at home on warm summer days. I’d work hard to great astounding grades and towards the end of the school year my parents would get me game as a prize and spend the entire summer glued to my TV or computer exploring the game. I just find it fascinating, like a whole world built inside software just waiting to be explored. Even now, nothing has changed. I would allow myself to get lost in a game over a weekend and I’ve realized I would emerge refreshed and willing to take on the challenges of the coming week. For those interested in doing just that, here are my tips and tricks of getting a day off and just playing video games.

Don’t Forget To…

Choose a Game You Will Love 

When it comes to video games, I grew up playing on a PlayStation. I have had almost versions of the gaming console plus the PSP Vita for when I feel like bringing my games with me wherever I go. I am on online forums where we talk about the latest PlayStation games and when a new game is released, this usually means I’ll be spending the succeeding weekend stuck to my couch playing it. I love world building games because I love to explore and I could go back to it over and over and always find something new. Lately, I’ve been into zombie apocalypse games and I am usually the first to order one online when a new version is released.

Stock Up On Food

This is pretty mandatory for when I get into my “hermit” mode and just play a game for an entire weekend. The moment I’m off work on a Friday, I head straight for the grocery and buy provisions for the coming days. Back when I was younger, I would just get junk foods like bags of chips and sodas, and order boxes of pizza. But recently I have started becoming conscious of my lifestyle and health so I have begun buying healthier options for snacks. Now I would buy mixed nuts, berries, a few yogurt cups, and some cheese and crackers. During the day, I also prepare healthy meal options that are easy to whip easy to eat while I continue playing the game. I also make sure to get fresh fruits that I can munch over or make a smoothie out of.

Take Breaks

This is very important and anyone who doesn’t want to lose their vision early on should etch into their head. Every now and then, I force myself to take a break from playing my video game to allow my eyes to rest. A lot of games have options to save so why not use it? This allows me to take my dog for a walk around the block, go to the gym, prepare a meal, and most importantly shower. I find that allowing time for rests gives me more energy and attention when I hop back into the game to finish it.