What To Look For In A Calculator

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In many lines of work, calculators are a necessary tool that is used every day. Many fields like engineering and accounting need calculators and they are usually the best people to ask advice on how to get a decent one. I, on the other hand, don’t need one all the time. I barely do any computing in my everyday life and when I would need one, there’s always the calculator on my phone it is quite useful. But I have had the chance to choose a calculator when I was still in school. Our teacher back in high school required that we have a scientific one and she outlined a guide on how to choose the best one. I have dug deep in my brain to remember the guidelines on what to look for in a calculator.

Choosing the Best Calculator


When deciding to buy one, make sure it is able to do the necessary function that you’ll be doing most. A scientific calculator has many different features included but it would prove too complicated for tasks that only require simple math like adding number and such. Your phone calculator can be sufficient in doing most mathematical tasks but would be inept for complicated ones. So make sure you decide on a calculator that will fit your needs.



The calculator I had back in high school is still with me to this day. This is because our teacher foresaw the clumsiness that most high school students are prone to and instructed us to get one that is fall-proof. She was right, I can’t remember the number of times my calculator fell to the floor from my desk. Invest in one from a good brand because those are the ones that will last long no matter how much you use it and you won’t have to keep buying one over and over again.

Battery Life

Choose one that won’t need battery changing often. Most calculators won’t require a change in battery for a few years but if yours runs out of power, changing the battery can be a hassle, so make sure you get one that is power efficient. Or better yet, get one of those models that you can charge through an outlet or your computer. It saves you time when you’re in the middle of working something and you have to make a quick run to get a new battery.


Test out a Few before Purchasing One

The best way to know what kind of calculator you want is to try using it first before deciding on getting one. Try borrowing a few of your colleagues and classmates and see which one is the right fit for you. Back in high school, almost everyone got the same kind of calculator because one, it was what our teacher used and two, it was very user-friendly. If I forget mine at home, borrowing one from a friend is easy enough without me struggling to know how to use it.