Why Math is not that Hard

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Growing up, I was the kid in school that loved math. Most of my classmates complained about end about how hard they find the subject and how confusing the topics were but not me. I understood math pretty well. I picked up the topics fast and often I had to help my other classmates when my teacher was busy helping other students understand the number. As I grew up and learned more things about people, I started to understand why most people hate math. It’s all about perspective. People are used to looking at a problem a certain way and therefore address it as such. But math is different. A conventional way of trying to understand it won’t work if people lump it up with other challenges in life. This article is aimed to help people change their perspective and appreciate math for what it is, an art form.

Changing Perspectives

Break it all Down

Math is a complicated relationship between formulas and numbers. Not understanding one will lead to a domino of effect for students not to grasp the entire concept. The key is to break it down into smaller chunks that are easy for students to digest. I find it easier to determine each step of solving a problem, introducing it to students slowly and letting them practice with different variations of the problem before proceeding to the next step. As they grow familiar, it boosts their confidence and will encourage them to take on the next step.

Encourage and Inspire 

I had a great math teacher growing up. This is partly the reason why I loved the subject so much. She could command the room without saying a word and she had a knack for making a subject about numbers interesting. The way she taught and respected her students was a big factor, why I gave more effort in doing well in class. She never undermined the struggles that some of my classmates had in her subject. She was constantly encouraging and usually spent a couple of hours outside of her work to help students who were struggling with a concept.

Explore other Resources                         

If you find the subject hard, don’t hesitate to explore other options. I grew up in a different time where the only other resources we had outside of class was the library. Times are different now. The internet is a treasure trove of information in every shape and form. Many YouTube tutorial videos are available online explaining in great details and quite creative ways difficult concepts in math.

Practice makes Perfect

At the end of the day, it all boils down to practice. Math can be considered a new language and in order for us to become fluent in it is to practice practice and practice. This step cannot be overstated enough. It is one thing to understand the concept but quite different to apply it time and time again. There are numerous ways of applying a math concept and only knowing one way will lead to failure. Look up other examples online and practice solving them.